Here you can:

- Apply to perform at the Tønder Festival

You will find the applications form here to play at Tønder Festival 2023. Application deadline is December 1 2022.


Apply here

- Apply for a trading space on Tønder Festival campsite

Every year applications are invited for trading spaces on the Tønder Festival campsite. The campsite is open for campers and other visitors from 20th August until 28th August 2023, inclusive.

Besides all the tempting sales booths, there is an Instrument Tent, the Campsite Grocer and the Campsite Stage offering entertainment and causing a buzz up to and throughout the festival. Keep an eye on this site to apply for a trading space at Tønder Festival 2023.

Closed for applications at the moment.

- Apply to sell food at a stall during Tønder Festival

You can apply for a food sales licence at Tønder Festival 2023 via the application form here.

Link for application will soon be avaliable.

- Apply for Space in the Instrument Tent

Do you build or sell musical instruments? Applications are soon invited for stands in the Instrument Tent at Tønder Festival 2023.

A stand costs 5.000 DKK. This includes two guest wristbands, free camping (electricity extra), tables to display your wares and chairs so you can take the weight off. 

Colleagues from home and abroad will be there, so you can exchange views and ideas. Apply at

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