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Tønder Incursion in Copenhagen

17th May 2024

This year once more, Copenhagen Jazz Festival will be graced with a dash of Tønder Festival. On 9th July, Tønder Festival will descend on the city with a friendly takeover, staging three concerts on Den Røde Plads in the Nørrebro district, followed by a musical soirée in the Sigurdsgade club.

The programme features an extremely popular Danish songwriter, famous musicians from USA and Scotland, and the Danish folk music group Det Yderste Hav (The Farthest Sea).

Rikke Thomsen has won her popularity fairly rapidly. The south Jutland dialect songs she writes hit the spot, and her warm humour only adds to the charm. Her breakthrough came in 2019, when her EP Omve’n Hjemve (Homesick Cure) was showered with critical praise and won the Mother Tongue Award. Her latest album is Makværk (Mess) from autumn 2023. On stage, Rikke Thomsen is a talented and winning musician and entertainer. Naturally, Rikke Thomsen has appeared at Tønder Festival: recall her memorable 2022 solo concert in Tent 1.

From USA, we have songwriter Luke Winslow-King. He played at Tønder Festival in 2018 and 2019. Born in1983, Luke Winslow-King is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in New Orleans. His musical launchpad is the blues, and his style is an effortless blend of delta blues, ragtime, folk and roots rock. He is eminently familiar with American music traditions, which helps account for his personal, rustic sound with an elegant twist. His most recent album is If These Walls Could Talk from 2022.

Meet the Scottish band Elephant Sessions once again at this year's Tønder Festival. On their multiple prior visits they have delighted listeners with their original, modern take on the music of the Scottish Highlands. Elephant Sessions play folk, funk, electronica and much else in a potent neo-folk cocktail. They won BBC’s Scots Trad Music Award in 2017 and 2022 in the Album of the Year category, and in 2018 for Live Act of the Year. Not to mention all their nominations. Their latest album is For The Night from 2022.

At the after party, Det yderste Hav (The Farthest Sea) will play folk music from the thriving tradition on the island of Fanø. The music is dance tunes from the south of the island, Sønderhoning, and the north, Fannik tunes, which have led their respective dances for over 250 years. The band Det Yderste Hav numbers state-authorised violinist Peter Uhrbrand, classical guitarist Jørgen Bjørslev and author Jeppe Brixvold.

In recent years, Tønder Festival has worked with the Roots & Jazz component of Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Tønder Festival has presented some of the Danish and foreign musicians, favourites of the Tønder audiences, who are on the Tønder Festival roster. This year marks the 50th Tønder Festival, which gives an extra impetus to acquaint the city's population with the music of Denmark's major folk roots festival. The concerts are sponsered by Tønder Festival Foundation.

Tønder Festival “Friendly Takeover”, Den Røde Plads, Nørrebro, 9th July 2024:

16:00: Rikke Thomsen and band (DK)

18:00: Luke Winslow-King (USA)

20:00: Elephant Sessions (SCO)

21.30: After party with Det Yderste Hav at the Sigurdsgade music venue.

Admission to the concerts is free. See more at

Tønder Festival 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2024
Twitter: @tonderfestival


Sidste detaljer på plads i Tønder-programmet

Tønder Festival 2024 - Final Touches

In a little under two months, it's lift-off. Tønder Festival has filled in the artists involved in the popular Songwriters' Circle concert, seven Danish musicians playing at Folk Spot 2024, bands from Norway and Ireland and Radio Mars hosted by Alex Nyborg Madsen and Søren Rebbe.

Grand Anniversary Concert at Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary in style on Thursday evening with a special concert. On stage will be Jacob Dinesen, Poul Krebs, Jonah Blacksmith, Niels Hausgaard, Rikke Thomsen, Eleanor Shanley, Signe Svendsen and more.

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