Tønder Festival 2023
24. 25. 26. 27. August

    Quotes about the festival

    • “It’s a magical thing that the folks at Tønder Festival have created over the years. Such a rich legacy of deep music appreciation and community. It’s rare to encounter such great festival listeners, and such kind and supportive staff and volunteers.”
      Jeffrey Martin

    • "This festival is dear to us, there was an instant connection between us and the festival. We have been able to be part of the festival rather than just entertainment for the festival”.
      The Avett Brothers 

    • “The Tønder Festival is a wonderful cross section of music from all over the world. I think it´s impeccably booked – you don´t need to know who´s playing – you just walk up and try it – it´s going to be good. It´s an incredible festival – an unusual festival. There´s a kindness here that makes me feel at home, safe”.
      Mary Gauthier
    • ”I have the pleasure being her twice now, and the people are so kind, the vibe is so relaxed and inclusive. It creates an environment where you want to visit, you want to meet – it’s pretty beautiful.”
      Joey Landreth
    • "Vi åbnede vores koncert i Telt 2 med to helt akustiske sange. Foran os stod et fyldt telt, som ikke sagde en lyd… de lyttede! Jeg kan ikke komme i tanker om en anden dansk festival, hvor den slags kan lade sig gøre. På Tønder Festival handler det 100 procent om musikken. Jeg elsker det!”
      Mike Andersen
    • ”Jeg har haft nogle af de bedste koncertoplevelser hernede. Både som musiker og publikum oplever du et helt specielt fællesskab omkring musikken og måden at forstå musikken på.”
      Signe Svendsen
    • ”I’ve played so many festivals in my career. Tønder is problably my favorite. The audiences are so warm, and the festival itself is run so well. You can tell, that’s it’s a festival that’s been going for a very long time. There’s a sense of community.”
      Tami Neilson

    • “The very first time we performed in front of a large crowd overseas was in 2019 at The Tønder Festival. That experienced helped to opened many doors, introducing us to new fans and friends, who we are honored to call a part of The Ghost of Paul Revere family today. ”
      The Ghost of Paul Revere
    • “I appreciate you all having me at the festival. It´s been a blast and everybody´s been extremely nice to me and the guys. It´s been fun”.
      Tyler Childers
    • “I don’t want to overstate my experience here, but this is what everyone wants a festival to be.”
      Del Barber

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    Vestergade 80,
    6270 Tønder
    Denmark, Europe
    Opening hours
    Monday-friday: 10-14

    Telephone monday-friday 10-12 AM

    Subject to change
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