Tønder Festival 2022
25. 26. 27. 28. August
    Program 2022

    Quotes about the festival

    • "The reputation it has in the US – I think it´s one of the best Festivals that´s talked about in the World….So it´s really an honour to get and come to play"
      Leslie Stevens
    • "This Festival is dear to us, there was an instant connection between us and the Festival”.
      “We have been able to be part of the festival rather than just entertainment for the festival”.
      The Avett Brothers 
    • “The Tønder Festival is a wonderful cross section of Music from all over the world. I think it´s impeccably booked – you don´t need to know who´s playing – you just walk up and try it – it´s going to be good. It´s an incredible festival – an unusual festival. There´s a kindness here that makes me feel at home, safe”.
      Mary Gauthier
    • “We think Tønder Festival is great, the people here are respectful. I would recommend Tønder Festival to anyone. We will come back any time – any time”
      The Dead South 2018
    • I love it, people here are so nice, hospitable – reminds me of Texas in a way – everyone wants to make sure everybody´s doing good.
      Paul Cauthen 
    • “We are blown away by Tønder Festival, we can´t believe the caliber of musicians here. It´s probably the nicest festival we´ve ever been at that´s for sure. In Canada it´s a small folk scene so you end up meeting everybody after a while – and everybody we talk to say you have to go to Tønder Festival – it´s the best so we had high Expectations and they were all met”.
      Pretty Archie
    • “This is my very first time to Europe at all, so I was pretty lucky that my first shows were in Tønder which is like – your audiences are the best audiences anywhere I´ve been. People are so appreciative, I think you guys have spoiled me for the rest of the tour – I have three weeks to go and the bar has been raised to high. I´m just going to be disappointed that the people aren´t as wonderful as they are here”.
      Tami Neilson
    • “It´s a carefully curated line up – you can tell there´s a thought that goes into it. And people care. The listeners care. I go to a lot of Music Festivals and there´s a handful that are as special as this one”.
      Sarah Jarosz 
    • “I appreciate you all having me at the festival. It´s been a blast and everybody´s been extremely nice to me and the guys. It´s been fun”.
      Tyler Childers

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    Vestergade 80,
    6270 Tønder
    Denmark, Europe
    Opening hours
    Monday 9.00 - 16.00
    Thursday 9.00 - 16.00

    Telephone monday-friday 8-12 AM

    Subject to change
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