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Tønder Festival – a true music festival

We live in a world of overload.

Never have there been so many photographs, never has their quality been so poor. Never has there been so much communication, and never has there been so much loneliness. Never has there been so much music available, and never has the sound been so deficient.

The world does not need more. No more filling without satisfaction. No more second rate copies of something that was once original.

What we need is originals. The real thing. Something someone has worked

at, is proud of, which sates our desires, our want, our curiosity.

At Tønder Festival we have been original individuals since 1974. We bring the summer to a close with real music, in real Southern Jutland fenland, with real experiences.

Our community grows year by year, as volunteers, guests, musicians and local folk share their love for what is made with care, the special, the true.

Here, we support music in its original form, and everyone is welcome, on one condition: come as you are, and we will bring out, sing out, your true side.

That’s why musicians from all over the world choose Tønder. And that’s why all we individuals – as true as we can be – meet here in the fens at the end of each summer.

A true music festival

What is special about Tønder Festival?

Tønder Festival has a clear focus on Hand-made Music. Music with its roots in folk, roots rock,
country, blues, cajun, world music and more.

Tønder Festival books international names of the highest carat – both new musicians at the start of their career, pioneering songwriter legends, and authentic folk music.

Tønder Festival has a unique musical profile, and you can often hear international musicians giving a concert in Tønder and nowhere else in Denmark.

Tønder Festival is known as a ‘first mover’, discovering exciting new talent and presenting it here for the first time in this country.

Tønder Festival is particularly famous for its special atmosphere, with musicians and audience coming into close contact with each other, and with large-scale concerts alternating with intimate sessions.

The ambience on the festival site is relaxed, friendly and warm; besides the music, the site offers art, events, artist talks, food stalls, restaurants, bars and much more.

Tønder Festival is involved in the 4+ Project, a welter of events and experiences based on the local countryside, its history, culture, food, businesses… You can join in in the days leading up to Tønder Festival.

Tønder Festival Facts

  • • Tønder Festival began in 1974 and is now one of Northern Europe’s major international festivals for folk and roots music.

    • Tønder Festival takes place annually on the last full weekend in August.

    • The Tønder Festival site, close by the Tønder town centre, has nine stages, ranging from the huge Open Air Stage to the small Session Tent.

    • Tønder Festival is run by the Tønder Festival Foundation and the Tønder Festival Association.

    • The Tønder Festival office has seven full-time and one half-time employees in administrative and music booking roles and a volunteer staff of approximately 2600 – included an executive team of around 150 people.

    • A company called The Friends of Tønder Festival runs the music venue Hagge’s Musik Pub.

    • H.R.H. Princess Marie is Tønder Festival’s official patron.

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Vestergade 80,
6270 Tønder
Denmark, Europe
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Monday: closed.
Tue-Thu: 10 pm - 12 am
Wed-fri: closed.

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