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Personal Data Policy

Tønder Festival's Personal Data Policy

Tønder Festival's personal data policy

Read here about how Tønder Festival gathers, protects and uses personal information.

Tønder Festival gathers personal details on festival volunteers, clients, customers, suppliers and other partners. Tønder Festival is obliged to protect the privacy of the personal information handled by the festival, and the festival strives continually to ensure the implementation of the data protection rules currently valid, including the privacy protection regulations.

When we ask for your personal details, we inform you which data we use and what for. In practice, you are referred to this personal data policy.

In this context, personal details are all the facts that can be used to indentify an individual: first name, surname, private address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact details, whether private or workplace-related, but not limited to the above.

Data Responsibility

When Tønder Festival deals with personal data in its role as festival organiser, Tønder Festival accepts responsibility for the data. Tønder Festival has data responsibility when the festival determines the purpose to which the personal information it administrates is put.

If you have any queries about the Tønder Festival personal data policy, contact:

Adm. director Kristina L. Schjøtt

E-mail address:

Tel.: +45 74724610

Personal Data at Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival uses personal information to organise the festival, supply tickets, target information, communicate with volunteers and other functions necessary for the running of the festival. Tønder Festival gathers the personal data required to produce Tønder Festival and for the day-to-day running of the festival organisation.

The information we hold about you comes from three sources: what you choose to tell us, what your use of our services tells us about you, and third party sources such as our external ticket service.


If you receive the Tønder Festival Newsletter, we hold the following personal data::

Name, e-mail address and date of birth.

You have to actively subscribe to the Newsletter. We need your e-mail address so we can send you the Newsletter. You choose whether to give us your date of birth, and that information is not needed to receive the Newsletter, but Tønder Festival can use it to target marketing. Tønder Festival does not pass your e-mail address on to third parties, and you can always unsubscribe from the Newsletter via a link in the Newsletter. If you unsubscribe from the Newsletter, your e-mail address is removed from Tønder Festival's newsletter mailing list. Tønder Festival uses a distribution service based in USA, and Tønder Festival has a data processing agreement with the company.

Photography and video

As the Tønder Festival and related events unfold, the officially accredited Tønder Festival photographers take photographs and record video.

We distinguish beween portraits and action shots. Action shots can be published without previous permission. Individual permission must be sought before publishing portraits.

Photographs and video can appear on Tønder Festival's website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and in printed materials such as the programme, flyers etc.

The aim is to give a situational impression of Tønder Festival, but the pictures can also be used to sell tickets for the festival and related events.

Ticket and Web Shop Buyers

When you buy a ticket or make a purchase from our web shop, we process the following personal details:

Name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number.

This information is essential for the correct delivery of tickets and products to the right address. Tønder Festival uses postal codes to analyse our audience's geographical distribution. Tønder Festival retains personally traceable information for no more than five years.

When you buy festival tickets for Tønder Festival, the purchase is processed by, with whom Tønder Festival has a data handling agreement. Payment and payment method details are in the hands of

When you make a purchase at the Tønder Festival web shop, the transaction is dealt with by Sport24 Tønder, with whom Tønder Festival has a data handling agreement. Payment and payment method details are in the hands of Sport24 Tønder.


Tønder Festival processes the following personal information about our volunteers, so that we can communicate with them and ensure the smooth running of the festival:

Name, e-mail, date of birth, telephone number and (sometimes) a photograph.

Date of birth is a prerequisite, since volunteers must be aged 16 or over, and some functions are unavailable to volunteers under 18. Some functions stipulate that volunteers take a course in hygiene or firefighting, and Tønder Festival has this information too.

Tønder Festival does not pass personal information on to third parties. You can at any time demand

that Tønder Festival delete your personal details. In any case, Tønder Festival deletes volunteers' personal data five years at most after their last volunteer stint.

Donors, supporters and Tønder Festival Association members.

If you fall into any or more of these categories, Tønder Festival holds the following data on you:

Name, e-mail and postal address.

Donors seeking a tax rebate must also give their civil registration number (CPR).

As Tønder Festival is required to account for Tønder Festival Association's members and verify its function as an association, basic data on the membership must be forthcoming. Donors wishing to apply for a tax rebate have their civil registration number noted by the Tønder Festival secretariat and sent on to the Danish state tax department.

The data is deleted after five years at the latest.


Some volunteer positions and some jobs in the Tønder Festival secretariat are filled via application. In connection with applications, Tønder Festival can process the following data:

Name, e-mail, date of birth, telephone number and sometimes photograph

Diploma, documents for completion of courses, curriculum vitae, test results etc.

Before accepting new volunteers and workers, Tønder Festival gathers relevant data to assure that candidates with the relevant qualifications are appointed. In some cases, Tønder Festival uses personal tests. The data thus gleaned is deleted at the end of the application process, after three months at the latest.

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Your Rights

Once you are registered as a user, you have certain rights which Tønder Festival as data controller is obliged to protect.

You can contact Tønder Festival and learn which of your personal data the festival processes, and

you can have errors corrected or gaps filled in the information. If you wish to have your personal data deleted, to restrict the use of the data or complain about Tønder Festival's treatment of your personal data, you can contact Tønder Festival at the address above. Deletion or restriction of your personal data is possible unless Tønder Festival is bound by law to preserve the data.

When Tønder Festival processes personal information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. You must contact us to withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data. If you have agreed to receive newsletters and e-mails with information and marketing material from Tønder Festival, and no longer wish to receive the material, you can unsubscribe simply by clicking on the relevant link in the e-mail you have received from us.


Tønder Festival has deployed both technical and organisational security measures to ensure that your data is not destroyed by accident or unlawful means, or that your data falls into the wrong hands, is abused or otherwise treated contrary to the law concerning personal data protection. Tønder Festival has guidelines for data security, covering data access, use of firewall, emergency power loop, backup, rules for password use, and more. As a rule, Tønder Festival stores and transmits personal data unencrypted, but all personal data is protected behind the firewall.

Tønder Festival's premises are secured with alarms, and Tønder Festival has a contract with a security firm which automatically reacts to an alarm.


If you are dissatisfied with Tønder Festival's handling of personal data, please e-mail your complaint to, where it will be dealt with.

You have also the right to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency over Tønder Festival's handling of your personal data. For more information about how to proceed with such a complaint, please visit the Danish Data Protection Agency's website

Revision of Privacy Policy

We update and improve our personal data policy continuously, and we reserve the right to alter the privacy policy. The currently valid privacy policy will be found on the Tønder Festival website


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