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Can I buy a wristband for a single day?

A limited number of single-day wristbands go on sale on 1 February. Information will follow.

Is there a disabled ticket?

No, there is not. People with disabilities purchase the same ticket as anyone else. If you need to be assisted during the festival, please send a mail to when you have purchased your own ticket, attaching your assistance document, proving you are entitled to a carer. You will receive a free ticket for your carer. Your carer must pay for a campingticket if needed.

If you buy your ticket at the gate, show your carer document so your carer can get their free ticket.

Where do I buy my wristband?


You buy your wristband on the Tønder Festival website Print out the ticket or save it on your smartphone.
Show your ticket at one of the three ticket counters where it will be scanned and exchanged for an wristband which will be tied to your arm on the spot.

Ticket counters

The ticket counters by the three entrances also sell non-preordered wristbands.

Tickets 2024

In 2024, the Early Bird Partout will go on sale on 2 October at 10:00 a.m. via

Regular partout will subsequently go on sale at midnight on 2 October or when all Early Bird Partout tickets are sold out.

The price of partout tickets increases continuously towards Tønder Festival 2024. See purchase periods and prices here.

Note: Tickets are exchanged for wristbands at our ticket offices. Bring your ticket with you or show it on your phone. Make sure the screen on the phone is undamaged.

Students have the opportunity to buy tickets at a reduced price. Tickets purchased at the student price are exchanged on presentation of a valid student card or admission letter. If documentation cannot be presented, the price difference between an ordinary and a student bracelet must be paid.

Youth tickets are purchased for 12-17 year olds at a reduced price.

Children under the age of 12 have free entry when accompanied by an adult wearing a valid wristband.

1-day tickets go on sale on 1 February 2024.

View all ticket prices here.

Purchased wristbands are not refundable.
Subject to changes in the program.

Ticket fee: DKK 20

Is there a student discount?

Wristbands for students cost 1.600 kr. on production of a valid student card or letter of acceptance. If you cannot do so, you will be charged the difference between a normal ticket and a student rate. No refunds.

Are there junior wristband prices?

For youngsters between 12 and 17 years (inclusive), an all-days wristband costs 900 kr.
Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult get in free.

Can I buy tickets for individual concerts?


The Site


Tønder Festival’s audience are known for their maturity and responsibility. They are kind and they tidy up after themselves. We have seen this time and time again over the years, and we are extremely grateful for it!
On the Campsite, dump your rubbish at the collection points when you leave. This makes for a clean conscience and clean surroundings, and we can get finished quicker, so we can get started on next year’s Tønder Festival.


On the Festival site, you can pay with card and MobilePay. It is not possible to pay with cash on the festival site.

If you have cash and wish to use it at Tønder Festival, go to the Udbetalingsvogn (Cash cart) at the corner of Søndergade and the main street. Here, it is possible to exchange your cash to a Tønder Festival payment card with the desired amount.

The payment counter is open:

21st August 2024 from noon until 10:30 pm.

22nd August 2024 from 10 am until midnight.

23rd August 2024 from 10 am until midnight.

24th August 2024 from10 am until 10:30 pm.

And from 9 am until noon on Sunday 25th August 2024 after the festival ends.

The minimum amount you can repay to your credit card is 10 DKK.


By the West Gate you’ll find the Public Information counter and the Site Office. Public Information answers queries on Tønder Festival, the town and its surroundings, and much more. The Site Office has a Lost and Found desk during the festival. After the festival, Lost and Found is in the hands of Tønder Police.

Where can I charge my mobile phone?

There are chargers on the Tønder Festival site at Grønnegade,  at the Øl / beer bar in Østbyen (Open Air zone) and on the Campsite at the Camping Høkeren / Grocer’s.

Can I buy a printed programme?

Yes. The printed programme for 2024 will be availiable her by summer or pick it up at the festival office or on the festival site.

Opening Hours

The site opens at 12 noon on Wednesday and stays open until 3 am the following morning. On Thursday-Friday-Saturday the site opens at 10 am and closes at 3 am the following morning.

Grounds map

Map of the festival area and camp site is on the way. You’ll find the maps here when ready.

Official opening

In 2024, Tønder Festival will officially open its gates on Wednesday21 August at 12.00 noon. The opening concert will take place at the Open Air area at 12.30 pm.


Can I take pictures?

Photography for your own use only is permitted without flash or other light sources. Sound and video recording at live concerts are NOT allowed.

Professional photography, sound and video recording for publication are permitted only with appropriate accreditation from Tønder Festival.

Violation of these rules can mean exclusion from Tønder Festival site and deposition of equipment outwith the site, to prevent repetition.
Persistent violation can lead to confiscation of concert and camping wristband.
Unauthorised publication e.g. on YouTube etc will entail legal action.

Fire and rescue

The use of naked flame – open fires, fireworks, torches, gas burners, candles etc – is forbidden.

Barbecues: only in the designated areas.


At the West Gate you will find the Public Information and Site Offices. Public Information answer questions about the Festival, the town of Tønder and its surrounding area and more. The Site Office has the Lost Property desk during the Festival. After the Festival, ask Tønder Police about lost goods.

Smoking rules?

Smoking is permitted wherever it is not forbidden. No smoking indoors or where you see a No Smoking sign.
We encourage both smokers and non-smokers to show consideration.
These rules apply equally to E-cigarettes & E-pipes.

May I bring my own drinks?

It is not permitted to bring your own drinks (bottles, tins etc) in to the Tønder festival site. You may of course bring bottled water or draught beer bought at the festival’s bar by the entrance.

The Samaritans

You will find the Samaritans’ First Aid posts by the camping site entrance and by the South Entrance.

Placing your unit

Fire regulations require 3 metres between accommodation units: tents, caravans, autocampers or cars used for sleeping. Towbars, pavilions, tarpaulins and canopies without walls must all observe the security separation.

One accommodation unit and one vehicle is permitted in a stance.


Parked vehicles must also observe the security separation.

No vehicle nor accommodation unit, nor their parts, may obstruct fire lanes. Unlawfully placed vehicles or units will be removed at their owner’s risk and expense. The same goes for units placed outwith opening times.

Our guests’ safety is our primary concern.
Drivers are asked to respect these rules:

– Max. speed on the camp site: 20 km/h
– Give way to pedestrians and cyclists
– Limit vehicle use on the site and access roads
The site is closed for vehicle access between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. There is parking by the gate if you arrive outwith these times.

Fire and Gas Regulations

The use of open flame torches, gas burners, candles, campfires, bonfires, fireworks – any naked flame – is forbidden.
Barbecues, either charcoal or gas, may only be lit in the designated zones.
Fixed gas-burning cooking rings in caravans are permitted.


Ticket and companion

If you are approved for a helper, please send an email to and attach the relevant documentation. You will then receive an email with a free ticket for your helper. Your carer must pay for a campingticket if needed. If you purchase your wristband at the ticket office, please bring documentation to ensure a free wristband for your helper.

Concert access

Users of wheelchairs and their companions have the opportunity to enter the venues before the rest of the audience at seated concerts. At standing concerts, users of wheelchairs and companions can go to the front of the stage for the best visibility. Our festival staff are always ready to help you to be seated, if you wish to enjoy the music from our grandstand.

Camping for disabled persons

The handicap camping is a defined area for guests with disabilities located near the festival site. Upon your arrival you will be assigned a lot by one of the volunteers.

It is also possible to rent a Tenthouse there. Please send an e-mail to – then it will be ready for you, when you arrive at the camping.

Disabled toilet

Disabled toilets are placed close to Tent 1 and The Club Stage on the festival site. You can find disabled toilets and showers near the south entrance.


Disabled parking spaces are located at the Festival Entrance Vest. Address: Papegøjevej 4, 6270 Tønder. Disabled parking spaces can also be found at the public carparks in Tønder.


If you have comments, questions or suggestions about the conditions for disabled people at Tønder Festival, you are always welcome to contact us at or phone +45 74 72 46 10.


Can I visit the Tønder Festival Campsite without a festival ticket?

Tønder Festival Campsite is open for all and offers entertainment: concerts on the  Campsite stage, booths selling all sorts of goods and a lot of fun. Just remember that if you want to spend the night on the Tønder Festival Campsite, you need to buy a camping wristband.


Safety concerns dictate that bicycles are not allowed on the Tønder festival site.
Bicycles can be left at the extended bike park by the West entrance on Jernbanegade.

Can I reserve a seat at any concert?

No. Your wristband gives you access to all the Tønder Festival stages. Note however that all the venues have limited room; it’s first come, first served.

What does a wristband give access to?

You have access to the festival site, all the festival site stages, eateries and activities, plus to concerts at the Old Mill and the Pump House.

May I bring pets on to the Tønder Festival site?

No. However your pet is welcome on the Tønder Festival Campsite.

May I bring a chair on to the Tønder Festival site?

Yes, you can bring an ordinary camping chair on to the Tønder Festival site.
Here are the conditions: chairs must not be placed right in front of the stage, and may not be used at venues with seating.

Tønder Festival is responsible for everyone’s safety. If we consider your chair is in the way, you will asked to move. Our request will be friendly but firm, and must be followed. A refusal to comply can lead to expulsion from the Tønder Festival site and confiscation of your wristband.

Where is the Opening Concert?

On the Open Air stage Thursday during the festival. Gates open at 12:00 noon, and the Opening Concert begins at 12:30.
The Opening Concert is free



Festival guests with camping wristbands may park one vehicle (car, motorcycle or similar) per assigned camping lot. Unfortunately, Tønder Festival cannot provide parking areas adjacent to the festival site for guests without a camping wristband. Instead, we refer you to the four free public parking areas in the town of Tønder.

Public Carpark 1: Behind Tønder commercial college (c. 230 spaces)
Address: Martin Hammerichsvej 2, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance from Entrance West: 1,5 km
Walking distance from Tønder Nord Train Station: 600 m

Public Carpark 2: By Tønder secondary School (c. 70 spaces)
Address: Skolevej 9 , 6270 Tønder
Walking distance from Entrance West: 1,1 km
Walking distance from Tønder Nord Train Station: 300 m

You can find Tønder North train station close to carpark 1 and 2. You can continue by train to Tønder Station, which is 200 metres from the Festival West Entrance.

Public Carpark 3: Gravelled carpark by Sønderlandevej (c. 100 spaces)
Address: Sønderlandevej 7, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance entrance east: 700 m

Public Carpark 4: By Tønder primary school (c. 100 spaces)
Address: Holmevej 2, 6270 Tønder
Walking distance entrance east: 1,3 km

Bicycle Parking
Bikes are welcome on the campsite. For safety reasons, however, we cannot allow bikes on the Festival Site itself. Cyclists are invited to use the extended bike park by the West Entrance on Jernbanegade.

The road to Tønder

The Festival site address is Papegøjevej 4, 6270 Tønder

Plan your trip at
As well as public transport, we recommend car-sharing, e.g. at

Arriva Info

Take the train to Tønder Festival and home again. Save parking problems with the car in town.
The train stops a mere 200 metres from the Festival West Gate.

View timetable here.

Sydtrafik Info

Timetable for 21.-25. august 2024 will be availiable here when ready.

Lost Property

Lost Property:

Goods lost and found on the Tønder Festival site and Campsite will be handed in to Tønder Police Station, Nørregade 15, 6270 Tønder, Tel. (0045) 73921448.


Tønder Festival Logo
Vestergade 80,
6270 Tønder
Denmark, Europe
Opening hours
Monday: closed.
Tue-Thu: 10 pm - 12 am
Wed-fri: closed.

Subject to change
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