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Accommodation and camping

The Camp site is right next to the festival site. Tønder Festival has the stages, the music and festival life. But the big Festival camp has a life of its own.

Check in


Camping tickets are sold through like any other Tønder Festival ticket. Find yours here.
To ensure your stay and that of everybody coming to camp at Tønder Festival, we ask you to let us know the following when you order your tickets:

– Number of people spending the night in the unit. You can buy extra tickets later, if you give your booking number
– Do you need electricity? There is a limited number of power sources, so they may sell out.

You can also choose to rent one of Tønder Festival’s own types of accommodation: Tenthouse or Glamping tent.

Camping wristband

Everybody who spends the night on the festival camp site must wear a valid camping wristband.
Anyone without one will be turned away.
You can invite guest into the camp site, but not to stay overnight.

Disabled camping

There is a space reserved for festivalgoers with disabilities close by the South Gate, where you also will find toilet and shower facilities for disabled guests.

Disabled festival guests buys the same ticket at people without disabilities – both for accommodation units and personal wristbands – which are sold through – Find your ticket here
Remember to order electricity, if you need it.
If you choose to rent a tenthouse in the disabled area, please send a mail to
We’ll have it ready when you arrive.

Assistant tickets
Please send a mail to with a copy of your assistant certificate, funding licence or similar documentation. Let us know, too, if your assistant will be using their own caravan or tent. Then we will send the assistant a personal wristband free of charge.
The camp site for disabled festivalgoers is subject to the same rules as the rest of the camp site.

Check-in times

Festivalgoers can access the camp site from 8 a.m. on Sunday 21st August 2022.
Thereafter, check-in is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
If you get here outwith these times, you can park in the area alongside the gate and check in next morning.
Come as eaarly as you can, before you dive in to the festivities. Queues can arise at times, causing delays at both check-in and site assignation.

Guests’ wishes for particular spots on the camp site will be respected as far as the rational distribution of units permits.
Guests must leave the festival camp site by Monday 29th August at 1 p.m. at the latest.
Please remember to leave your stance clean and tidy when you leave.

Bathroom facilities

There are shower wagons with hot and cold water at several locations on the festival site. They are free to use, and to ensure this continued service, we ask you to help keep the wagons clean and inviting.

By the water tower you’ll find a big bathroom marquee with separate men’s and women’s sections, simply appointed but pleasant and serviceable.

Most of our bathroom wagons have retractable troughs where you can empty your camping toilet buckets. Only here, please!

There will be limited bathroom facilities at the beginning of the week.

You will find drinking water taps at every toilet wagon.

Stance reservation

Mark and reserve your camping stance by placing your accommodation unit on it. No reservations before Sunday 20th August at 8 a.m. Anything set before that time will be removed.

If you wish to reserve a stance for other guests yet to arrive, please show their camping unit ticket. Marking extra stances is only permitted by agreement with camping volunteers on the site.

Areas Tønder Festival uses for volunteers will be clearly marked with the festival marking tape and sometimes signs. We expect you to respect these markings and leave them in place.

Renting a Tent or Caravan

Tønder Festival does not have tents or caravans for rent, but we have tenthouses, teepees, glamping tents and lodges. Read more about these options below, and on the Ticket Sales page online.

Note that there is a limited amount of these units, so they may sell out. There is no waiting list.


Fire and rescue

The use of naked flame – open fires, fireworks, torches, gas burners, candles etc – is forbidden.

Barbecues: only in the designated areas.

Placing your unit

Fire regulations require 3 metres between accommodation units: tents, caravans, autocampers or cars used for sleeping. Towbars, pavilions, tarpaulins and canopies without walls must all observe the security separation.

One accommodation unit and one vehicle is permitted in a stance.


Parked vehicles must also observe the security separation.

No vehicle nor accommodation unit, nor their parts, may obstruct fire lanes. Unlawfully placed vehicles or units will be removed at their owner’s risk and expense. The same goes for units placed outwith opening times.

Our guests’ safety is our primary concern.
Drivers are asked to respect these rules:

– Max. speed on the camp site: 20 km/h
– Give way to pedestrians and cyclists
– Limit vehicle use on the site and access roads
The site is closed for vehicle access between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. There is parking by the gate if you arrive outwith these times.

Fire and Gas Regulations

The use of open flame torches, gas burners, candles, campfires, bonfires, fireworks – any naked flame – is forbidden.
Barbecues, either charcoal or gas, may only be lit in the designated zones.
Fixed gas-burning cooking rings in caravans are permitted.


Car-free Camp

If you prefer to camp close to your neighbours without intervening cars, then the Garden (Baghaven) or The Fen (Marsken) is for you. It costs less to camp here than in the rest of the camp site. These areas are not extensive, so tickets are limited. If you arrive by car, there is a special car park alongside.

The Garden (Baghaven) is the place for live music, situated slap bang in the middle of the camp site, near the grocer’s and the music stages. There can be action here all day, and sometimes through the night, too.

The Fen (Marsken) is our quiet zone, on the edge of the camp site. Peace reigns here.

Price: 425 DKK per tent.
Personal camp fee (100 DKK per person) is due over and above.


A tenthouse has a canvas canopy and a solid floor raised above the ground.
The mattress is 135×200 cm.
Electricity and light are fitted and included in the price.
Luggage etc. can be locked into a storage box inside the house.

Price: 3.000 DKK
Personal Camp fee (100 DKK per person) is due and above.

Campinghøkeren (Campsite Grocer)

At the entrance to the Campsite stands the Campsite Grocer’s shop, selling fresh bread every morning and all your grocery requirements.

Opening hours:

17 August: 8am – 9pm

18-20 August: 7am – 12 midtnight

21-24 August: 7am – 3pm

25 August: 7am – 12 noon

Camp Stage

Glamping tent

A Glamping tent provides your festival experience with a little extra comfort.

Our Glamping tents houses is offered in two sizes; 2 or 4 people. The tents are equiped with fully made beds, table and chairs, rug on the floor, electricity and more.

Price: 4.500 DKK (2 pers.) // 6.000 DKK (4 pers.)
Personal Camp fee (100 DKK per person) is due over and above.
Glamping tents are for rent for the whole festival period only, not for single days.

Breakfast rolls and morning buffet at camp site

Breakfast rolls can be ordered in Campinhøkeren from Sunday 20 August. The order must be placed the day before the desired collection. Prices can be found at Campinghøkeren.

Campinghøkeren's breakfast buffet, which offers delicious danish breakfast classics, is offered from Thursday 24 August until Monday 29 August. Tickets for the breakfast buffet are bought in Campinghøkeren the day before before 9.30 am.



Pets (a dog or at most two cats) are welcome on the camp site, provided the owner keeps the dog on a leash. If the animals cause complaints, then the camp volunteers’ word is final. Dogs are not allowed on the Festival site.


Areas with power supply are accessible only to guests who have paid for this service.
Volunteers will show you the relevant area. If you are reserving a stance for others, please show their receipts and camp unit tickets.
The maximum power load is: 6A/1320W. Only CEE cables may be used. As the nearest point may not be close by, please remember to bring an extension cable. Extension cables and plugs can be rented from Ticket Wagon South.


Each stance may only house one vehicle, be it car, motorcycle or whatever. Other vehicles must be parked in public car parks in town.

For guests in tenthouses, family teepees, lodges and the car-free zones, there is parking near by.


If you want to pitch a pavillion or party tent, you have to buy a separate ticket for it. In the stances with electric power, you need a power ticket for it, too.


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