Tønder Festival offers a wealth of fine eating and drinking venues

The map shows all food and drink outlets throughout the festival site

Food at Tønder Festival – Frequent Updates

Rungholt, local specialities restaurant

A coordinated effort by the Southern Jutland Development Council, South West Jutland Taste Experiences and the Tønder Fen Initiative offers Tønder Festival’s guests the opportunity to enjoy local gourmet eating. The restaurant aims to focus on local produce and the many talented local farmers and growers – this is where you can discover the taste of Southern Jutland. Our guests will find a very special atmosphere and exceptional gastronomic experiences when Rankin Park, a local restaurant located in Esbjerg, takes over Rungholt. The popular restaurant offers brunch, luxury sandwiches & salads, along with a three course evening menu.

Hot Dog Van

By the West Gate is a traditional Danish hot dog van.

Intelligent Food

In Grønnegade you can eat at Intelligent Food, where you can buy vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free food, fruit and vegetables.


In the Outlaw Village, hungry cowboys can fill up.

Shamrock Sandwich

Delicious fresh-cut sandwiches. Also available: vegetarian and gluten-free sandwiches.

Futs Food Court

This is Tønder Festival’s fast food zone. Meet your friends, enjoy a standing collation.

  • Food to go: small dishes for the peckish. Baked potato or pita bread with various fillings.
  • Fish ’n’ Chips: freshly fried fish with fried potato wedges and fresh special dressing.
  • Wok food: Fresh vegetables and marinated turkey hot from the wok. Served with tortillas, pancakes or rice.
  • Pancakes: big, freshly baked savoury pancakes with various fillings or sweet dessert pancakes with various fillings.
  • Hot drinks: coffee, tea and Irish coffee.

Grill Lam & Gris (Lamb and Pork Grill)

Choice cuts from the hot barbecue. On offer are whole roast piglet, barbecued Pré salé lamb from the Wadden Sea, south Jutland sausages, gyros, sausage and chips, festival burgers and pork and crackling burger.

Mormors Køkken (Granny’s Grub)

A tasty choice of traditional Danish cooking, from exclusively Danish produce. Choose between biksemad (stovies), frikadeller (meatballs), tarteletter (chicken in pastry case) and æblekage (poor man’s trifle).

Fiddlers Green

Tønder Festival’s gourmet restaurant serves quality meals from fresh produce and has a superb wine list. The daytime menu includes brunch with bubbles and a delicious lunch platter.

It is possible to make reservations in the time between 10 AM and 02 PM on Saturday 20th and on Sunday 21th between 12-02 AM. Please call +45 25702047.

You can also make reservations during the festival at the restaurant.

Café Guldhorn

A relaxed, French-inspired restaurant in the middle of the festival site, offering a wide selection of fine wines and special ales. The speciality of the house: crisp, crusty Alsace delicacy tarte flambée.

Lille Fanø

At this outlet, you can taste specialities from the little west coast island of Fanø, such as bakskuld, (dried, smoked dabs), smoked trout, pickled herring and snaps and pickled eggs. Try them with a Fanø-brewed beer and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the Fanø music.

Verdensmad (World Food)

Between the Open Air stage and the Jam Tent you will find Verdensmad / World Food: a cosmopolitan menu of dishes and streetfood served by mobile food vendors.

Campinghøkeren (Campsite Grocer)

At the entrance to the Campsite stands the Campsite Grocer’s shop, selling fresh bread every morning and all your grocery requirements.

Opening hours during the festival:

Thursday-friday-saturday: 07:00AM – 03:00AM

Sunday: 07:00AM – 07:00PM

Monday: 07:00AM – 10:00AM

Drinks - Bars


There are beer bars located throughout the Tønder Festival site. Come and enjoy a cold Tuborg or a sweet fizzy drink.

Spirit Ginbar

Spirit Ginbar occupies the historic railway carriage by Tent 1. Here you can buy exciting cocktails,  mixed and decorated: works of art.

Rom & Whisky Bar

Savour a glass or two from the bar’s wide selection of the world’s finest rums and whiskys.

Black Sun Saloon

In the Outlaw Village area you will find the saloon with its prairie-sun-dried wood. Here you can enjoy a glass of beer and a whisky.


Farbar specialises in your favourite cocktails. They serve a classic Mojito, tropical Hurricane and Bloody Mary.

Southern Comfort Bar

A visit to the Southern Comfort Bar and the neighbouring Fireball Whisky Lounge involves tasting, competitions and entertainment.

You can also visit….

Little Dublin, Coffee Shop, Lounge, Fanø bryghus (Fanø Brewery), Specialølbaren (Special Beer Bar), Appelsinbar (Orange Bar), Bernadotte Ølbar (Beer Bar), Baren over Åen (Bar over the River) and Den Hemmelige (The Secret).

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