Hagge’s Musik Pub

Hagge’s has been in business since May 1988, when Tønder Festival folk bought and rebuilt the old Hagge’s hotel and turned it into the festival office headquarters and the music venue Hagg’es Musik Pub.

From the word go, the music presented at Hagge’s has reflected Tønder Festival’s styles: folk, folkrock, blues, jazz, cajun/zydeco and similar genres, with the focus on top quality.

About 40 times a year, Hagge’s little stage is alive with music. There is intimate contact between performers and audience, with seats for 90 listeners and standing room at the bar.

A concert at Hagge’s is the perfect live music experience. Check out our programme, contact us for tickets, or just drop in and enjoy something fresh and delicious from the kitchen with a glass of best Danish or Irish draught beer and a choice dram.
For further information, upcoming music dates etc:
Please check
Tønder Festival Logo
Vestergade 80,
6270 Tønder
Denmark, Europe
Opening hours
Monday: closed.
Tue-Thu: 10 pm - 12 am
Wed-fri: closed.

Subject to change
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