Dustbowl Revival Open Tønder Festival

11. August 2023

The American band Dustbowl Revival bring full-on American roots music to open Tønder Festival on Thursday 24th August.

The Tønder Festival opening concert is always a special occasion. This year’s inaugural speech will be held by Tønder provost Jørgen Popp Petersen, immediately followed on stage by the famous American band Dustbowl Revival. This band has appeared at Tønder Festival before, and the audience will be treated to an intense helping of their unique blend of bluegrass, swing, hot jazz, folk, blues and New Orleans funk.
The opening speech and concert will be on Thursday 24th August at 12.30 pm on the Open Air Stage. Admission to the opening concert is free. The opening concert ends by 01.45 pm.
Warming Up to the Festival
Prior to the start of the festival itself, our audience can get in the mood by joining in a series of local events. They go by the title 4+ and that covers a wide range of exciting activities during the days leading up to Tønder Festival, 20th – 23rd August. Among them are a visit to the Marsk Tower, a pub quiz at Hagge’s, 4+ Under the Hammer, beer tasting and Wegner’s Tønder. See more at
Slightly Cheaper Beer
More good news: the festival has decided to reduce the price of beer on the festival site. Last year’s price increase displeased many festivalgoers, and the festival listened. This year a glass of draught beer will cost 51 DKK.
See more about food and drink at Tønder Festival at
See you!
Tønder Festival 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th August 2023
Twitter: @tonderfestival

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