Let Your Festival Tickets Grow Roots

18. April 2024

Tønder Festival Plants Trees for the Environment

Denmark's libraries mark World Goal Week 22-28 April 2024, and Tønder Festival will plant a tree for each all-in ticket sold this week.

Tønder Festival is taking part in the National Libraries' World Goal Week, week 17 (22nd- 28th April 2024). The libraries' world goal week focusses on the importance of maintaining and restoring natural habitats. Tønder Festival will support sound environmental initiatives. Under the slogan Let your festival ticket grow roots, Tønder Festival will plant a tree in the Tønder area for each and every all-in Tønder Festival ticket sold this week.

Engaging with local development is integral to Tønder Festival. By pledging to revive local forests, the festival will tangibly promote biodiversity and ecosystems which local citizens can literally see and feel.

"The exact location of the trees to be planted is not yet fixed. A lot depends on the numbers. We hope of course that Tønder Festival's audience will support this initiative and the Libraries' World Goal Week. Who knows, we may end up with a Tønder Festival forest. In any case, we are happy to draw attention to the World Goals by planting new life in the local countryside." says Tønder Festival director, Kristina Lehmann Schjøtt.

It is Tønder festival's hope that the Let your festival tickets grow roots campaign will inspire festival goers to play an active role in environmental work, to support the restoration of the natural landscape by regenerating lasting growth both for the countryside and the local society.

FACT: Libraries' World Goals Week is observed annually in the 17th week of the year. The aim is to inform people about the UN World Goals involving the many strategies around sustainability that can highlight daily, sustainable steps towards achieving the world goals.

Tønder Festival 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2024
Twitter: @tonderfestival

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