Tønder Festival 2023: first musicians named

21. November 2022

Nine names are already on next year’s Tønder Festival roster. You have fine musical treats in store, among them The Unthanks from England, Buffalo Nichols from USA, Canadian Jeremy Dutcher and Danish/Macedonian Bjonko.

This year’s Tønder Festival was a huge success, and only a corpse could fail to notice the pleasure everyone on the festival site showed at having live music back. The next delights are already announced: the first musicians at next year’s Tønder Festival.

Tønder Festival: first and original
Once again, Tønder Festival is bringing top-flight musicians to Denmark, some established names and some new bands and singers on their way up.

From England we have the acclaimed, prize-winning sisters The Unthanks: Rachel and Becky Unthank in front of a band of 11 musicians.

Among several new faces from Canada are songwriter and traditional singer Adyn Townes from eastern Canada, the country songwriter Lawrence Maxwell from Prince Edward Island and Jeremy Dutcher, performer, composer and music historian, who researches Canada’s First Nation music.

Blues music is the focal point for Buffalo Nichols, a songwriter and guitarist from Milwaukee in USA. Another American songwriter is Israel Nash, whose primary field is americana and country. Critics have praised the duo The Local Honeys, who take the traditional folk and old-time music of Kentucky to new heights.

Two names from the domestic music scene are booked: expect loads of fun and fireworks when Danish / Macedonian Bjonko and his band hit the stage. Things will also liven up at the spectacular theatrical concert The Tarantino Twist Show, a tribute to the music in Quentin Tarantino’s films.


(Foto: The Unthanks, press photo)

Tønder Festival 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th August 2023
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