Music Guide - Old-time

Though they come from the same geographical area, namely the Appalachians Mountains of south east USA, old-time and bluegrass (see above) are two very different creatures. Old-time is one the oldest identifiable musical forms in North America, with roots stretching a long way back to the folk music and dance traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England, France and other European countries. Old-time music also cherishes and maintains songs and tunes from 18th and 19th century North America.

There is also a detectable Afro-american influence in the music, as the banjo (brought to America by slaves) plays an important role. The songs and ballads are authentically delivered with that 'high lonesome sound', a high-pitched, nasal, atmospheric vocal. Old-time is also dance music, using violin, banjo (different from a bluegrass banjo), guitar, mandolin and double bass, and instruments such as the dulcimer, mouth organ and accordion.

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