100 T-shirts at Balders Plads

1. July 2022
Foto: Turtle

Again this year, Tønder Festival presents six concerts and this year's new T-shirt at Balders Plads during Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

The Tønder Festival 2022 T-shirt is eye-catching in its design, combining a completely new visual concept with respect for tradition, a contemporary take on the festival's original foundations.

On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th July, you can meet the Tønder Festival Very Friendly Takeover in Balders Plads in Copenhagen where the first 100 T-shirts will be printed on the spot. You can be one of the first in Denmark to own of one (or more) of the first 100 Tønder Festival T-shirts. If body art is your thing, you can also get yourself this year's Tønder Festival motif as a temporary tattoo.

Sporting your new T-shirt and tattoo, you are all set to enjoy the six exciting concerts the Tønder Festival Very Friendly Takeover is presenting as part of the Roots & Jazz programme in Balders Plads. Among the musicians ready to rock your ears are Baby Did A Bad Thing (DK), Irish Mythen (IRL) and William Crighton (AUS).

The concerts are free of charge, thanks to support from the Tønder Festival Association.

Read more at:

Tønder Festival 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th August 2022

Twitter: @tonderfestival


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Tønder Festival Logo
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