Ireland's Finbar Furey Joins Folk Hall of Fame

7. November 2023

The first foreigner is nominated to the so-called folk music Hall of Fame in Tønder: 77 year-old Irish musician Finbar Furey.
The idea for a Hall of Fame for folk music is borrowed from America by Tønder Festival Foundation and started in Tønder in June 2021. The plan is to include this Hall of Fame in a future centre for folk music in Tønder. Two Danish musicians have already been named: in 2021 the late Povl Dissing, and in 2022, Niels Hausgaard. This year it is the Irish musician Finbar Furey.
Finbar Furey's inclusion will take place on 18th November 2023 in Hagges Musik Pub in Tønder.
“This year's musician was chosen because, as well as being a major player in Irish traditional music, he represents the Irish Travellers, an ethnic social group with roots far back in Irish history. Finbar Furey can unfortunately not be present on the evening. The music will be performed by Greenland's Rasmus Lyberth and the gypsy/jazz band Strings & Buttons,” says Poul-Henrik Jensen from Tønder Festival Foundation's committee.

Finbar Furey
A man with decades of Irish music history under his belt, Finbar Furey (born in 1946) is a  multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer who has been part of the Irish folk music scene since the 60s. With his brother Eddie, he toured as a backing musician for the legendary Clancy Brothers in the late 60s. The brothers later performed as a duo, and in 1978
included their brothers, Paul and George. The band toured for many years as The Fureys, then as The Fureys and Davey Arthur, playing at Tønder Festival in 1988. In 1996, Finbar Furey went solo, and alongside his music and songwriting career, also acted in films, among them Martin Scorsese's Gangs Of New York (2002). Finbar Furey's most recent release is the album Moments In Time (2023). Finbar Furey appeared at Tønder Festival in 2019.
Hall of Fame evening: Saturday 18th November 2023, Hagges Musik Pub, Tønder. Doors open 7 pm.

7.30: Strings & Buttons (dansk gipsy-jazz kvintet)
8.30: Statement by Svend Kjeldsen and unveiling of a sculpture. Video greeting from Finbar Furey
9.00: Rasmus Lyberth, the voice from Greenland.
10.00: Strings & Buttons 
Admission is free. Tickets available here (insert link) – first come, first served– max. 2 tickets per person.
On Hall of Fame
The Folk Hall of Fame in Tønder is an initiative of  Tønder Festival Foundation. The aim is to honour selected notable folk and roots musicians in Denmark and abroad.
Wooden Bust
The musician chosen will also receive a piece of lyric prose by author Sanne Flyvbjerg and a wooden bust by sculptor Søren Assenholt. This pair of artists have worked with Tønder Festival for some years now.

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