Tønder Festival: More Music from Home and Abroad

3. February 2022

The 2022 Tønder Festival programme is looking more and more inviting, with the addition of one of Scotland's finest voices, entertaining country and traditional music from USA, cheering news from new home-grown talent and a local veteran hero with his band. Moreover, tickets are already on sale for a whole range of exciting activities in the Tønder area in the days before the festival.

Thursday 25th August 2022 will be a celebration. After two years' corona lock-down, Tønder Festival can once more invite you all to a fest of real live music, and the festival atmosphere we've all been missing. The opening concert on the Open Air Stage is in the hands of Lars Lilholt Band, so this Tønder Festival will be off to a roaring start.

Scottish Aristocracy
Scotland is sending us some of their top folk musicians. Tønder Festival is proud to present, for the first time, the award-winning singer and songwriter Siobhan Miller, a worthy bearer of the Scots music tradition. The band Rura, also proud purveyors of Scotland's folk music traditions, have played at Tønder Festival several times, providing us with virtuoso ensemble instrumental music.

Extrovert Acoustic, Fine Songs
Much great music flows from Nashville, USA, including Hogslop String Band, a group who reach out over the footlights. This quartet blend old-time, country and traditional music from the US South. Another US gang are The Ghost of Paul Revere, whose original new songs are borne by  traditional acoustic instruments.

Danish Songwriter and a New Danish Folk Project
The songwriter and singer Ida Gard has attracted international attention with her songs in English and is now continuing with songs in Danish. Also from Denmark we have the group Som Os (Like Us) – a project involving young(ish) folk musicians writing new material inspirered by traditional Danish folk music.

Exciting Days before Tønder Festival Starts
It's not only the music. Tønder Festival's audiences are invited to choose from a whole gamut of tempting experiences in 2022. In the four days preceding Tønder Festival -  21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August - the 4+ scheme offers a choice of interesting functions in the Tønder area, starting with a grand, free opening concert in the town on Sunday 21st August. The following days are packed with fun, such as a seal safari, a pub quiz, a Wegner tour in town, a visit to the fenland distillery Marskdestilleriet, try-your-strength competitions and exclusive whisky nosing. Read more about the 4+ programme, ticket sales and more at

(Photo: Siobhan Miller, Press Photo)


Tønder Festival 2022 – the story so far:

The Mavericks (USA), Madrugada (NO), Keb’ Mo’ (USA), Cara Dillon (IRL), Eilen Jewell (USA), Cedric Burnside (USA), Michael McGoldrick (ENG), Red Hot Chilli Pipers (SCO), Katie Pruitt (USA), Tami Neilson (CAN/NZ), Lars Lilholt Band (DK), Siobhan Miller (SCO), The Ballroom Thieves (USA), Ian Noe (USA), Blue Rose Code (SCO), Blazin’ Fiddles (SCO),  Bjørn Eidsvåg (NO), Dave Gunning (CAN), Saint Sister (IRL), The Henry Girls (IRL), The Once (CAN), Christopher Paul Stelling (USA), Sarah Hagen (CAN), Signe Svendsen (DK), Rikke Thomsen (DK), 9Bach (WAL), Ordinary Elephant (USA), Hymns from Nineveh (DK), Anna Tivel (USA), Jerron Paxton (USA), Del Barber (CAN), Jeffrey Martin (USA), Sean Rowe (USA), Rura (SCO), Hogslop String Band (USA), The Ghost of Paul Revere (USA), Ida Gard (DK), Som Os (DK).

See you at Tønder Festival 2022!

Tønder Festival 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th August 2022

Twitter: @tonderfestival


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