Tønder Festival: Who’s On Where and When

3. May 2019

Tønder Festival 2019 can now reveal the full music plan, with added concerts. Among these is the festive celebration of Niels Hausgaard’s 75th birthday in August.

This year’s Tønder Festival music programme is in place, and the audience can begin planning their festival days. All the musicians have been allotted their slots on the eight stages, from the mammoth Open Air stage to the intimate Old Mill. See the overview on the Tønder Festival app and on our website:

Many Happy Returns, Niels
Three concerts have been added to the programme. Niels Hausgaard turns 75 at the end of August, and the occasion will be marked with a massive birthday concert in Tent 1 on the Friday afternoon. You are invited to hear Signe Svendsen, Allan Olsen, Steffen Brandt, Marie Key, Laura Mo, Christian Alvad, Finbar Furey, Ian McCalman, Kjartan Arngrim and Huxi Bach.

Two Songwriters’ Circles
This year again, Tønder Festival is hosting both the Women’s Circle and Gentlemen’s Circle. The two circles of songwriters from near and far play on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. There is more on this below.

Tønder Tones at Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Tønder Festival is involved in six concerts at Balders Plads, Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival this year. Roots & Jazz at Balders Plads in Copenhagen has been an item at Copenhagen Jazz Festival for some years. This year, Tønder Festival is co-presenting six concerts on the 8th and 9th July, played by musicians who have appeared or will be appearing at Tønder Festival. Among them are Delgres, Basco, Irish Mythen and Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar.

World’s Smallest Venue
Festivalgoers can garner an unusual experience this year at Tønder Festival. The British concept Folk in a Box offers the ultimate intimate concert: one musician playing for an audience of one. The concert takes place in a wooden shed, with room for one musician and one listener.

A More Sustainable Festival
Recent years have seen Tønder Festival launch many green initiatives, and this and following years will see more. One major investment is a transformer to replace the old diesel-powered generators on the campsite. In 2017, 95% of the electricity used at Tønder Festival, including the campsite, was wind-sourced. Other sustainable efforts concern rubbish recycling, biodegradable disposable cutlery and reduced food wastage.

Musicians at Tønder Festival 2019:
John Prine (USA), Patty Griffin (USA), Kate Rusby (UK), John Moreland (USA), The Savage Rose (DK), Bjørn Eidsvåg (NO), Jonah Blacksmith (DK), Dreamers’ Circus (DK), Gregory Alan Isakov (ZA/USA), Mandolin Orange (USA), Ruston Kelly (USA), Tyler Childers, (USA), John Smith (UK), Jacob Dinesen (DK), Tide Lines (SCO), Daniel Norgren (NO), Folkeklubben (DK), Niels Hausgaard (DK), Joel Savoy, Jesse Lége & Kelli Jones (USA), Les Poules à Colin (CAN), Delgres (FR), Plantec (FR), Startijenn (FR), Vishtèn (CAN), Susto (USA), Shaun Ferguson (CAN), Hudson Taylor (IRL), Breabach (SCO), Elephant Sessions (SCO), Irish Mythen (IRL), Paul Cauthen (USA), William Crighton (AUS), Lion Bear Fox (CAN), Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar (UK), Poul Krebs & Henning Kvitnes (DK/NO), Esben Just (DK), Dan Sultan (AUS), Skipinnish (SCO), The Ghost of Paul Revere (USA), Martin Harley (UK), Julie Fowlis (SCO), Finbar Furey (IRL), Chris Smither (USA), Jenn Grant (CAN), Old Man Luedecke (CAN), Leslie Stevens (USA), Caitlin Canty (USA), The Tweed Project (ENG, SCO), James Keelaghan (CAN), Charley Crockett (USA), Max Gomez (USA), Adam Holmes & The Embers (SCO), Maija Kauhanen (FIN), The East Pointers (CAN), Arcade feat. Heidi Talbot and Adam Holmes (IRL/SCO), FolkBALTICA Ensemble (DK/D), Dervish (IRL), Ìmar (SCO/IRL), The Unwanted (IRL/USA), Blair Dunlop (UK), Ian Noe (USA), Birds of Chicago (USA/CAN), Calum Stewart (SCO), Luke Winslow-King (USA), Folk Spot 2019 (DK/NO), Niels Hausgaard 75th birthday concert with Signe Svendsen, Allan Olsen, Steffen Brandt, Marie Key, Laura Mo, Christian Alvad, Finbar Furey, Ian McCalman and Kjartan Arngrim, Huxi Bach, Women’s Circle (USA, CAN, IRL, DK), Gentlemen’s Circle (USA, CAN, AUS, DK)

Tønder Festival 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th August 2019
Twitter: @tonderfestival

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